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"Can AI eliminate Depression too?"
                              - Ms. Aleena Joseph ( 2017-2021 CSE )

Artificial intelligence is becoming a dull buzzword nowadays just like iot,5G etc.This technology has provided the world with new eyes that bring about innovative solutions to tackle the real world problems.AI is ubiquitous and if its not somewhere until now,then it's about to be.Whether or not we come to understand "intelligence",the most challenging part, lying in our hands ,is about bringing together humans and computers to enhance human lives.

Depression...Can you define it?What does it mean to be depressed?

Dark thoughts and self loathing can briefly define depression. There are more many millions of people in the world living with the pain of depression-trapped heavily in that knotty world.Clinically speaking,its a debilitating illness.Depressed people are trapped in the infinite darkness of their soul and they find it onerous to escape from.

Even we have friends and colleagues suffering from depression.Indeed ,actual depression is not the state of sadness in one.'Sadness' is just the state of being depressed.And yeah!Both are different.Think if we have a family member with depression,will we find it easy talking to them? Wouldn't we all be uncomfortable?There maybe someone though.Enouncing the reality,we guys would go uneasy ,if we are to undergo a situation where our friend says he/she is depressed.We would be lost into the dense forests of confusions,thinking of the do's and don'ts while dealing with them.And this is the reason why most folks don't talk to depressed people unless they pretend to be happy,mimicking a cheerful vibe in them. So,these people often think of putting an end to their lives,and bid goodbye commiting suicides.

Talking the statistics,close to 800,000 people are attempting suicides every year, out of which 17.4% are due to depression.Have we ever thought why this happened?Its because,we proved ourselves incapable of helping them.Yeah!we are like the time bombs that may blast any second,our mood-keeps swinging.

Here we can make best use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence now,have grown to a level where they make use of instagram comments and tweets into visualizing and analysing if a person is depressed or not.And now twitters are turned into advanced scrapping tools,that allow one to scrape into the user's followers,following,Tweets and more.

Deep learning and artificial neural networks are exhibiting their roles in node classifications in the area of social networks used for labelling up the characteristics based on dependencies and available information.So,artificial intelligence can do much more ,than just detecting the level of depression.AI can be enabled to bring about a drift in the mood of the depressed people by its reasoning and self learning skills resembling human brain.We now live in an era were people trust robots and machines much more than the homo sapiens themselves.

We seldom think about building a bridge with the depros, in making or establishing a stronger connection with them,but we do have a lot of questions and concerns.We feel afraid talking to them because we fear if we would become resposible for their well-being if something happens.This is where we can introduce the concept of clever bots-the artificially intelligent chat bots that can be automatically notified about the person's depression levels, so that it can immediately connect with them.The brains of the clever bot system should be made capable of making decisions as to which are do's and don'ts about them, and learn from this previous experience to never redo an undo.Because for the depressed,there is diversity in nature and behaviour which is person dependent.

The chatbots must be so trained that the could even run sentimental algorithms so that no attempts at conversations would be awkward.As words are something to be cautiously expressed and focused on,artificial intelligence can outweigh humans as they are compiled and run to function effectively.AI can become that woo-woo person who is capable of connecting with the depressed.And we are the kings,because no artificial intelligent system program themselves on their own.

If we are afraid of depression being contagious and pervasive,oh-la-la! machine has no such worries.Artificial intelligence can be designed to function with depressed people proving that they are not flawless and defective.Indeed,life is not a bed of roses.Everything requires time to learn and function properly.So,I whole-heartedly hope that a day would come where the depressed one's can prove their worth,a day where machine can inspire and instill hope in them.Let our nation flourish with its emanating minds.Then,that day we can put an end to the off putting monologue-"get over it!", that the depros dislike,because then,they will be already gotten over with it.