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"Security of INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT)"
                              - Ms. Kavya Padmanabhan ( 2016-2020 CSE )

Internet Of Things, the words itself gives the meaning that is billions of physical devices connected to the internet for collecting and sharing data.This adds a digital intelligence to devices that would be otherwise dumb,enabling them to communicate real time data without a human bieng involved.In simple words we can say that effectively merging the digital and physical world.

The term IoT is mainly used for devices that wouldn't usually be generally expected to have an internet connection,and that can communicate with the network independently of human actions.For this reason PC is not considered as an IoT device and neither is a smartphone but the smart watches or a fitness band or any wearable devices are considered as IoT device.

Is IoT is safe or not? Here security is one of the biggest issue,It contains many sensors and these sensors collects extremely sensitive datas with them.for example Keeping that secure is vital to consumer trust,but so far the IoT's security track record has been extremely poor.Nowdays hackers are actively targetting IoT devices such as routers and webcams because their inherent lack of security makes them easy to compromise and roll up into giant botnets.

As an example take the smart home system,which is telling you the coffee time and tell when you wake up,and how well you brush your teeth,what type of food do you eat,who visits you and passes by your house.The rise of global internet of things s creating a giant ,internet connected global robot which is insecure and it is going to cause major social problems if it is not regulated.Since many devices are connected through internet so cybersecurity professionals won't just be responsible for ensuring computer network are safe.

"As everything turns into a computer,computer security becomes everything security"said by cyber security expert.It means that the knowledge we have about computer security is suddenly applicable to everythimg and the restriction and regulations and control from the real world imposed onto us.The correct way to think that internet of thing in general is that we are building a world-sized robot without realising it.

So if you want to profit from the adwantages of IoT,you have to start to treat your property like a computerDespite continous advancement in hardware and software standards,it is certain that new vulnerabilities will be discovered and exploited in future.Nevertheless one should not simply condemn this technological developments.Instead one should aware the risks,develop mitigation strategies in case of succesful attack,select quality devices,and pay attention to software and hardware maintainance,additional protection.